quarta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2014


Hello, lil peppers!

Well, Today in addition to talking about the items in the post, I come to communicate to you, which always has the affection to follow my work, which from this week on I will be stopping the blog activities for a while. I hope to be back soon ... who knows?

But before that I go...I still have a super cute things to show to you guys.
Just look at this scene that funny and childish.  
Yes, you can also play it with a brother/sister or your best friend! ^^
 The scenery and the poses are part of a set that you can get on Come Soon
Everything you see in the pic is included in the set .
The gorgeous outfit  is the gift of the month from My Baby Style and makes you very charming, comfortable and heated for season play.

 ❄ Happy Holidays Girl Outfit (Group Gift) - My Baby Style TY
(hat not included) 
❄ Hair*151* - [LOVE SOUL]
❄ *CS* We love you Santa - Full Scene - COME SOON POSES TY
Hurry up and run to see this and many other beautiful scenarios that will give you unforgettable photos to mark this time of the year. See details below.

It is always good to check if the cookies are good for Santa...hmmm :9
And of course everyone will wanna check them too ... even the puppy! ~hahaha~

Sweet Kisses and see you!

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