terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2014


Hello, lil peppers!
Are you ready for so much winter's play?
Not yet???
So be prepared quickly and enjoy because the fun can not wait! \o/

And...what do you think of start the fun by changing your look? 
  *-*Purretes*-* help you with the news shapes and skins that brought into this second round of HelloBeautiful!
For clothes, you will fall in love with the super cute Christmas's outfits from Viv.a Kids!
[Little Nerds] brings winter to your face with red nose and cheeks that will complete the look
 Yes!!!For girls and for boys too! \o/

❄ Shape & Skin - Nathan - *-*Purretes*-*@HelloBeautiful! TY
❄ Little Winter Face (nose) - [Little Nerds]@HelloBeautiful! TY
❄  Christmas Cloths - Reindeer Outfit - Viv.a!Kids TY

  ❄ Shape & Skin - Natalie - *-*Purretes*-*@HelloBeautiful! TY
❄ Little Winter Face (nose & cheeks) - [Little Nerds]@HelloBeautiful! TY
❄  Christmas Cloths - Little Moose Outfit - Viv.a!Kids TY
Now, let's go play in the snow, because as I always say...boys and girls just wanna have fun!!!

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