quarta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2014


Hello, lil peppers!
Life in Second Life is all about choices all the time ...  
You decide what you will be, what you will do and who will live and share your life in this virtual world, and I really am a lucky girl, because I have the best people around me, and espcially a mother who supports me in all my decisions ... even the craziest. ~hahaha~

❄ Reindeer Outfit - [Little Nerds]TY
(includes sweater and leggings)
❄ Leather Boots Red - Viv.a!Kids TY
❄To see mommy's look informations Click Here!
Divide your dreams, wishes, achievements and even anguish with whom you love is very precious and makes you stronger.
 ❄ Earmuffs #5 (Gacha) - My Baby Store@ATLT TY
❄Messy Candy Cane Red/Green- Rare (Gacha) - [TTT]@HelloBeautiful TY
All you dream together with another person is better ... and ends up becoming reality.
Messy kisses and until next post! 

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