domingo, 9 de novembro de 2014


Hello, lil peppers!

Bears, lions, elephants, giraffes... Sunday is day of Zoo!!! \o/

And of course, is day of be cute too! ~hahaha~
See below the details of the day's look.

✎  Mint Polka Dot - Puffer Coat - [Little Nerds]@LazySunday TY
✎ Denim shorts - Little Closet
✎ Lacey Leggings Natural Pack - Little Closet
✎ Toast BunBun Socks - Little Closet

 ✎ Shape and Skin - [Little Nerds]@HelloBeautiful! TY
✎ {ud} Unicorn Faces [red nose] - [baby eye wrinkles] - [double <3 marks] - [fresk cheeks]
 [nose freckles] Gacha - {ugly duckling}@HelloBeautiful!  TY
✎ Buck Teeth - .WR.@HelloBeautiful! TY
✎ Chocolate Bear Headband (group gift) -  Little Closet
✎ Hair C409 - Tram
✎ Glasses Shy Megane Gold - .tsg.
Great Sunday for all of you and until next post! 

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