domingo, 2 de novembro de 2014


Hello, lil peppers!

I'm back with greats week's sales of ::Enchanted Bowtique::
And since today is Sunday... let's go start with the Lazy Sunday Outfit! \o/

 ☆ Super Minion Series Batman Outfit - ::EnchantedBowtique::@LazySunday TY
(Mask not included)
But the news doesn't end... 

 ☆ Super Minion Series Blackwidow Outfit - ::EnchantedBowtique::@ToddleRama TY
(Glasses not included)

 ☆ Super Minion Series Captain America Outfit - ::EnchantedBowtique::@MoodyMonday TY

Blue Face Paint (Gacha) - [TTT]@HelloBeautiful! TY
☆ Zipped Nails ToddleDoo HUD - *Awwdorable*@HelloBeautiful! TY
Spicy kiss and see you very soon again! xD

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