sábado, 11 de outubro de 2014


Hello, lil peppers! Those who follow my blog know that I usually do not write texts. First, I am a little shy, especially to express my feelings and emotions. Second, the english is not my native language, then I always have a hard time writing in the right way, and I do not trust in translators. And lastly, I always hope that the images I use in some way serve as a 'text' not written but that communicates in the same way. 
Well...all this talk is just an introduction to say that despite this, today I felt an urge to express myself  with the letters too. And this came as result of my joy with my work, so new and so still learning, but already recognized and received so warmly by people who trust their products to me, as Hailey Leighann owner of Little Tipsters. People have no idea as a simple compliment can make us so happy in a hard moment. Thank you, dear Hailey, for your warmth, acceptance and encouragement.
And so...today I bring one outfit from Little Tipsters perfect for this new season...when a simple fall leaves can make a moment in the life of a child a magical moment.
 Owl Have It Outfit - [Little Tipsters] ♥ TY 
Let's drop our old sheets and prepare to bloom again, as the trees teach us ...  
be bigger and stonger each day. 

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