terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2015

✿ To be or not to be...

Hello, lil peppers! \o

How long, isn't it?
Well, I still don't know for sure if this is a back...but in these days I've been feeling really missed this  baby/kid universe, and also the people around me has surrounded me with so many love, words of encouragement and so many temptations (xD) that I may go back...let's see...for now just grabbed my vintage trike and came strolling...

 ✎ Vintage Trike - Cream (Gacha) - [Little Closet]
One of the temptations that I have faced are the creations of Viv.a!Kids
The store's designers have simply made incredible looks , impossible to resist them!
I was completely in love with this outfit when I saw it...is so vintage, fluffy and cute. Love it! ^^ 

  ✎ Outfit Claii (Balls) - Viv.a!Kids
(includes shirt, skirt, socks, shoes and haibows)
✎ Hair Bambi - Type A (Group Gift) - ""D!va""
So...I hope you have liked see me again as much as I enjoyed being here doing this post and who knows, I come back so...
Call me maybe....xD Kisses!!!

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